Since its inception in 1992, NIS has consolidated itself in its contribution to the growth of the Basque Region as a tourist destination by means of new tourism products meeting the needs of our clientele and the tourism market in general.

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Aviation Services

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A new era

Experiences that will amaze you

Although our company is new in the aviation sector, our employees have more than 25 years experience in the airlines and handling industry. Our goal is represent and defend the interests of our clients ensuring compliance with the highest standards of quality and service, for both schedule and charter companies.

Commercial Services

Station Management, Supervision and Administration

  • Provide Representation
  • Liaise With Local Authorities
  • Perform Administrative Duties In Different Areas According Carrier Instructions
  • Tax Prepayment
  • Supervise And Coordinate Services Contracted To Third Parties
  • Irregularities Communication
  • Newspapers Delivery
  • Porter Service
  • Meet And Greet Service

General Aviation

Our goal is to make arrivals, stopovers and departures as convenient and smooth as possible for passengers and crew.

This service is offered by professionals with good expertise, exceptional skills in servicing and understanding the importance of the executive aviation world.

  • Full Handling Services For Both Passengers And Crew
  • Fast Turn-Arounds
  • Customs, Security And Immigration
  • Slot Coordination
  • Flight Planning, Weather And Notams Assistance
  • Fuel Services Coordination
  • Cleaning and Laundry services
  • VIP Catering services

More Services

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  • Vip Transfers For Passengers And Crew Inside The Airport
  • Vip Transfers For Passengers And Crew Outside The Airport
  • Hotel Reservations – Crew Discounts
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Sightseeing/Events/Luxury Tours Bookings
  • Guides And Translator Services
  • Events And Meetings Organization
  • All Kind Of Private Queries Arrangement For Bussiness Or/And Leisure Flights

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Experiences that will amaze you

We like to take the risk, find solutions and tackle the most difficult assignments on a daily basis. We work for and with our clientele, and have been helping them achieve success for the past 30 years.

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