Vizcaya Bridge, Palaces and Ocean. Beautiful town splashed with palaces and gorgeous buildings.


Contrasts caracterize this magnificent Villa

Getxo sits right by the Sea, Palaces surrounding the beautiful coast .Getxo offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy a cultural break: a trip up to the walkway along the top of the unique, the iron structure of the Puente Bizkaia transporter bridge, and a chance to see the architectural and cultural sights of the municipality.

Experiences Available:

Photo & Bike Tour Around The Old Mining Sites and Getxo Residential Area | Boat Ride Down the Nervion- Ibaizabal River | Canoe Ride Down the Nervion-Ibaizabal | Bizkaia Bridge & Guggenheim Playground | Maritime & Guggenheim Museum | Kids Go Basque Cooking